Exclusive, Upscale British Golf Packages

Swap the Boardroom Discussions for the Golf Course!

Global Events was created to cater to the demands of senior executives of some of the largest and most elite companies in North America and overseas. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing upscale, corporate hospitality packages for major sporting events all over the world.

One of our featured creations are the exclusive British Golf packages that we assemble for the executives and guests of leading international firms. Our British Golf packages offer the best golf and hospitality experience available at this prestigious event.

Here are some of the highlights of the British Golf packages that we provide:

  • Private upscale hospitality facilities located close to the golf course
  • A four day ticket for entry to tournament days
  • Full corporate signage
  • Five star accommodation close to the action
  • Access to color television monitors
  • Select and premium brands at the hospitality centers open bar
  • Special events such as a four-course gourmet dinner
  • Official souvenirs are provided as part of your British Golf package
  • Exclusive transportation arrangements to get you to the golf course

Our British Golf packages will give you the best access to the course and the social activities that surround this prestigious golfing event.

More than 100,000 spectators will be on the course over the week but with our British Golf packages, we’ll ensure that you and your guests will have the best sporting and hospitality experience possible.

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*Global Events hospitality services are independent of all governing bodies and sports events organizers.