The Season Ticket

The Season Ticket allows a company flexibility of picking and choosing various events to ensure your best clients are able to attend a global event.

A company can have guaranteed availability to the entire Global Events Calendar. Making sure your exact guest list consists only of your top level customers gives you the choice to decide last minute who will be attending.

Season Ticket – The Investment

Now more than ever budget dollars need to be spent wisely. By choosing The Season Ticket package your dollars will be targeting for your best clients. Entertaining your top customers at our events is the best way to ensure they will stay loyal to you and continue to do business with you in the future.

The Benefits

Long lasting reputation, strong loyalty ties and targeting networking time are just a few of the many benefits your company will experience. Global Events are a gathering of top executives throughout the world. You will be spending quality time with your customers and have the rare opportunity to be in contact with other top CEOs and Presidents.

The Support

Our team will provide you with the support to ensure a great return on your investment. Our experts provide all the services you will need from area hotels, air travel, ground transportation, nightlife and local attractions. We are dedicated to serving you and providing excellent service and support.