MLB All-Star Game Packages in Washington!

Monday, July 16th and Tuesday, July 16th at Nationals Park

For every sport there is a fan, for every fan there is a voice and with every voice there is a cheer that empowers the athletes playing that sport. Since 1856 Baseball has been referred to as the “National Pastime” in the United States. Practically everyone has been to a professional baseball game at least once in their lifetime.

Set your standards higher by attending the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby being hosted for the first time (in Washington) by the Washington Nationals, at Nationals Park. These games consist of Baseballs top players and coaches, you can expect a wide variety of fans in attendance, making it a truly diverse setting and neutral territory for guests with rival teams.

Our MLB All-Star Packages are designed to accommodate any size group imaginable. Companies come to us when they are looking to strengthen new and current business relationships. With over 20 years of experience in corporate hospitality we know not to leave even the smallest of details out!

MLB All-Star Game is Hosted by the Miami Marlins

The skills displayed with every hit, catch, and run at the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game will be an even greater experience with our packages as you will have the added bonus of the luxuries we have to offer.

Let us here at Global Events plan your MLB All-Star game packages to make sure it will be an event that everyone in your group will remember. We provide tons of fun for everyone, our upscale corporate hospitality packages give guests the freedom to truly enjoy their time at the game without having to worry about anything.

Re-build and grow new business relationships in a setting outside of the office. Whether you are looking for a corporate suite or prime tickets up close and personal, we got you covered!

At Global Events, our clients’ best interest is always on our minds, that’s why we offer over 50 event packages every year.

With our proud record of always delivering what our clients desire plus more, we at Global Events are always arranging packages for your favorite sport, which will energize and create opportunities for you to network and share in the exciting moments with your business associates and clients.

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