PGA Championship Packages

Luxury, All-Access PGA Championship Ticket Packages

Looking for a corporate golf package that will exhilarate and entertain? Want to create a custom experience for your corporate clients and guests without doing any of the heavy lifting? Then Global Events is the company of your dreams! You and your guests will be treated to lavish hospitality, dine on gourmet food and see athletes perform at the top of their game.

Symbolizing prestige and success in life, golf is a simple pleasure for many people that play among friends, business associates, and clients. At the PGA Golf Championship, you will see a display of skills with every great shot, at one of the most beautiful golf courses around the world. With our PGA Championship Packages, you will get a luxurious experience where you and your guests will feel like you’re on top of the world.

The PGA Golf Championship has a lot to be desired at a golf tournament and our custom corporate packages make it an over the top experience.

Looking out for our clients best interests for over 20 years, we know exactly what our corporate clients need to satisfy their wishes. Our packages accommodate large groups of people that will talk and cheer during the tournament while building lasting relationships. Consider our PGA championship golf packages if you want upscale corporate hospitality, stronger business relations, and just to have fun.

We are always creating these desirable packages for exciting events that you want to see and experience. For this event the PGA Championship golf packages tickets and hospitality are offered at competitive prices. Call Global Events today!